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  Ngc 7789: Caroline''s Rose  Προβολή προηγούμενης φωτογραφίας
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Ngc 7789: Caroline''s Rose
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Χρήστης: KC
Τίτλος: Ngc 7789: Caroline''s Rose
Λεπομέρειες εικόνας: ID: 22974 - Τύπος Εικόνας: PNG - Μέγεθος: 1582 x 1176 (3049KB)
Δημοσιεύθηκε: 08/09/2021, ημέρα Τετάρτη και ώρα 21:33
Προβολές: 978
Περιγραφή Φωτ.: Found among the rich starfields of the Milky Way, star cluster NGC 7789 lies about 8,000 light-years away toward the constellation Cassiopeia. A late 18th century deep sky discovery of astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel, the cluster is also known as Caroline''s Rose. Its flowery visual appearance in small telescopes is created by the cluster''s nestled complex of stars and voids. Now estimated to be 1.6 billion years young, the galactic or open cluster of stars also shows its age. All the stars in the cluster were likely born at the same time, but the brighter and more massive ones have more rapidly exhausted the hydrogen fuel in their cores. These have evolved from main sequence stars like the Sun into the many red giant stars shown with a yellowish cast in this lovely color composite. Using measured color and brightness, astronomers can model the mass and hence the age of the cluster stars just starting to \"turn off\" the main sequence and become red giants. Over 50 light-years across, Caroline''s Rose spans about half a degree (the angular size of the Moon) near the center of the wide-field telescopic image.

Optics: Vixen ED81s @ f/5.2
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Synscan Pro (belt mod)
Guiding: ST-237 guide chip of SBIG ST2000XM
Camera: SBIG ST2000XM
Filter Wheel: SBIG CFW9
Filters: L,R,G,B
CCD Temperature: 0 degrees Celsius
Constellation: Cassiopeia
Date: August 8-9, 2021
Location: Korinthos - Greece - Albireo Observatory 1
L=12x600 min bin 1x1
R=12x300 min bin 1x1
G=12x300 min bin 1x1
B=12x300 min bin 1x1
Calibration: Darks, Flats, Bias 

Χρήστης Μήνυμα

Ένταξη: 09 Οκτ 2005
Δημοσιεύσεις: 1100
Τόπος: Αθήνα - Ακρόπολη

09/09/2021, ημέρα Πέμπτη και ώρα 2:13   

Ομορφο και αγαπημενο ! Ωραια ληψη και επεξεργασια, μπραβο

Την ώρα που εμείς κοιτάμε τα , τα βλέπουν και κάποιοι άλλοι, ίσως όχι από τον δικό μας κόσμο...
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Ένταξη: 25 Ιαν 2004
Δημοσιεύσεις: 1150
Τόπος: Κηφισιά

09/09/2021, ημέρα Πέμπτη και ώρα 11:00   

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ, αν δεις τα αρχικά fits δε θα πιστεύεις πως φτάσαμε στο τελικό αποτέλεσμα.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

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