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Όλες οι δημόσιες φωτογραφίες του χρήστη
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Όλες οι δημόσιες φωτογραφίες του χρήστη
M63, Data acquired during 3 nights, using an OSC. During post processing, I have extracted LRGB channels and processed using a mono camera workflow. L channel was processed separately for deconvolution, sharpening and noise reduction. RGB re-composed image was colour calibrated and was masked stretched to maintain colour information. I hope you like the result of a 6\\\" refractor and a very competent OSC from a bortle6/7 urban sky :-)
I wanted to give it one more try on this beautiful galaxy this year with an OSC. The colour balance is much better and the star colours look better than last year''s attempt with a mono; but then again it could be the seeing conditions.
I also wanted to see if I could get the same SNR and Signal to noise ratio with an OSC vs mono CCD with the same exposure time (bortle 6-7 sky). It seems that the same amount of exposure time is needed, so no cutting corners here :-)
This image is a combination of data acquired in the past with two different setups:

Sept.2019, Esprit150 and ASI071, 150x120secs , at pixel scale 0.915 arcsec/pixel,
Sept2020, Takahashi FSQ106ED4 and ASI2600, 150x300secs at pixel scale 1.456 arcsec/pixel

All individual calibrated subs were normalised, aligned and scaled on the smaller FOV and then processed (all in Pixinsight).
It was an interesting project, which indicates again that it is a good practice to keep older data available :-)
Τίτλος: M63 The Sunflower Galaxy
Χρήστης: andreas1969
ID: 22769
Κατηγορία: Γαλαξίες
Δημοσιεύθηκε: 04/04/2021, ημέρα Κυριακή και ώρα 19:17
Προβολές: 322
Σχόλια : 6
Τίτλος: Ngc 2903
Χρήστης: andreas1969
ID: 22768
Κατηγορία: Γαλαξίες
Δημοσιεύθηκε: 04/04/2021, ημέρα Κυριακή και ώρα 19:16
Προβολές: 139
Σχόλια : Χωρίς σχόλια
Τίτλος: Μ33
Χρήστης: andreas1969
ID: 22767
Κατηγορία: Γαλαξίες
Δημοσιεύθηκε: 04/04/2021, ημέρα Κυριακή και ώρα 19:14
Προβολές: 203
Σχόλια : 3
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