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Τ7 guide camera

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Τ7 guide camera

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60.00 EUR

  • Τιμή 60.00 EUR
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Πωλείται η οδήγητικη κάμερα (αντιγραφή της zwo 120)


Effective pixels quantity:1280*960

Astronomy requirement is fast,full real output,much longer exposure,these three elements,high resolution can not be achieved.


Focusing range 20 mm to

Depth of field:50 mm to

Scintillation control:50 hz or 60 hz

Readout type:Progressive Scan

Shutter:Electronic rolling shutter

Exposure time:20us-1min

Sensitivity:2.7/LUX.The SEC(under the condition of 550 nm green lighting)

Scintillation control:50 hz or 60 hz

Software compatibility support:Windows98,WindowsME,Windows,Windows xp,Windows 7,Windows 8,win10 and OS,Linux.

Single frame capture storage formats:BMP,FITS,RAW

Dynamic capture storage format:AVI

Working temperature:-5°60°

Storage temperature:-20°60°

Working humidity:20% RH 80% RH

Store humidity:20% RH 95% RH

Power consumption:Less than 0.5 W

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