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Evoguide 50 με 2 field flatenners

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Evoguide 50 με 2 field flatenners

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450.00 EUR

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This compact and very high-quality ED apochromat delivers pin-sharp stars, allowing precise tracking. This is ensured by the ED type S-FPL53 lens element. A helical fine pitch thread focuser is used for focusing.

The Evoguide can also be used as a very high-quality finder-scope or as a lens for your camera, or simply as a rich-field telescope with true field of view of up to 6.6° (thirteen full Moon diameters!) for when travelling.

It comes equipped with tube ring clamps with 3 nylon-tipped set-screws with for precise alignment with the main telescope. The mount fits the standard Skywatcher/Vixen standard finder-shoe for mounting onto the main telescope.

The flattener is a lens that evens out the field, as this is slightly curved by the primary optics. This curvature causes stars that are imaged at the edge of the field of view to be less sharp. The flattener, also called a field flattener, corrects this effect. Astrophotographers can then enjoy images where the stars remain sharp right out to the edge of the exposure. The flattener is installed between the telescope and the camera.



The field flattener for the compact Evoguide 50 ED mini telescope is designed for formats up to APS-C (28mm diagonal). It makes high quality astrophotography possible with a very compact and lightweight telescope. It screws on replacing the 50 ED extension sleeve and lets you use a camera with a T2 threaded connection.

It also has a connection for 1.25" receptacles with two clamping screws on the rear side. A back focus of 17.5mm makes it suitable for most guiding and astro cameras. It is also a perfect choice for travelling in combination with a small photo mount!

The flattener comes with two high-quality anodised aluminium caps. It contains two multi-coated lenses.

EvoFF V2

The new Starizona EvoFF field flattener turns the Skywatcher Evoguide 50 into a sharp, portable, wide-field imaging scope. The new v2 of the EvoFF has a 55mm backfocus and is now compatible with DSLRs as well as popular astronomical CMOS and CCD cameras.

The EvoFF is compatible with cameras having APS (28mm) or smaller sensors.  It produces sharp star images over a 6.4-degree field of view!








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