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6η ΠΕΕΑ Milky Way & Αστροφωτογράφοι

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Thie image captures the essence of the event very well. I feel like I am there.


I noticed on the two foreground tables that the laptops are encased in what looks like small tents. Are these units available on the market or are they an item that has been modified to fit the need?


Out of curiosity, the bright stars display six spikes. I gather that they are artifacts generated by your optical system.



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πω πω συγνωμη δηλαδη αν αυτο δεν ειναι προιον φωτομονταζ! στο βουνο φενονται τοσο καθαρος και με νεφελοματα ο ουρανος?? :D
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