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M63 The Sunflower Galaxy


M63, Data acquired during 3 nights, using an OSC. During post processing, I have extracted LRGB channels and processed using a mono camera workflow. L channel was processed separately for deconvolution, sharpening and noise reduction. RGB re-composed image was colour calibrated and was masked stretched to maintain colour information. I hope you like the result of a 6\\\" refractor and a very competent OSC from a bortle6/7 urban sky :-)

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Μπράβο Ανδρέα, και οι 3 είναι εξαιρετικές. Αν θές γράψε και εξοπλισμό και χρόνους έκθεσης. Χρησιμοποιείς και φίλτρο φωτορύπανσης μιας και έχεις bortle 7 ουρανούς;
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