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Απο την εκθεση της Εταιρειας Βολου

Απο την εκθεση της Εταιρειας Βολου


Απο τη συλλλογη του κυριου Ζαφραντζα

Photo Information for Απο την εκθεση της Εταιρειας Βολου

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Nice collection of telescopes. I am especially drawn to the 4-inch Polarex/Unitron refractor. I do notice that it seems to be missing the two rods that lock and allow adjustment in the declination axis. I gather that it is the 152 model. One nice item that that telescope has is the 40mm viewfinder which has an air-spaced objective. It gives great images. The metal pier for the 4-inch is also nice.


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Hello Mr Fred :D


that's only a small sample of the whole collection !

The first scope that seems under the equatorial mount is a coronograph with a 60mm lichtenknecker objective .

The first of the two scopes on the right is Jena Zeiss double meniscus maksutov.That's about 25-30 years old .That'son the pier which is an Astrophysics one with a Mizar motor and a Mizar power for illuminating a reticle .

The other dioptric is a 106mm Carton .


Maybe the missing rods were in the scope's case .Each scope comes with many accesories and we didn't place all of them .


You should have been there .


Greetings from Volos :D

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Yes, I should have been there for sure. My interest in astronomy hasn't slowed down in all the years that I have been enjoying it. Will there be any additonal images posted from the event? It is always great to see lots of images from events like these as they can entice others to want to attend future events such as this one and it also allows those who couldn't attend view the event through posted images.


As to the 4-inch Polarx/Unitron, I know exactly what accessories comes with the instrument. Always wanted wanted one of those.



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