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Dear Fred,


Thank you for the kind words. The amount of interest and feedback I have received is beyond description and words! There is also an invited publication that has just appeared in print (COELUM ASTRONOMIA, Italy) and a photo to appear very shortly in Sky&Telescope. There is also other publications for the same analemma in the works but prefer not to say anything yet until I have confirmation for issue number etc.


If you would like to see the original, in low-res format, please see http://www.perseus.gr/Astro-Wkly-Archive/Astro-Wkly-0003.htm ... I have a hint for you ... just wait for a few days for the next analemma masterpiece to surface! :-)





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Hi Anthony,


I was looking at your web site and came across an image that I had recently seen. I have as my home page the site www.spaceweather.com and your image of the analemma and the Parthenon was on their main page for a few days. I was impressed with the image and now know who took it. Nice work.



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