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Κάλεσμα για παρατηρήσεις της Αφροδίτης

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Amateur Ground-based support of the Venus BepiColombo and Parker Solar Probe flybys


Κάλεσμα για παρατηρήσεις της Αφροδίτης ώστε να χρησιμοποιηθούν ενισχυτικά για τις διαστημικές αποστολές παρατήρησής της. Αναλυτικά:






Time-line and desired observations


We are encouraging amateur observers to observe Venus in July-October with a particular focus on observations at the end of August and in the week of the flyby. Amateur observations of the Venus surface are possible in July and August, and observations of the upper clouds in UV and near-infrared wavelengths are possible through July to October. Intermediate clouds are also a priority target due to the presence of a strong discontinuity that reappears every 5 days and moves faster than Venus' winds (Peralta et al. GRL, 2020).


Key observing dates are listed here:

Parker 3rd Venus Flyby: 11 July, 2020.

August: Observations through August and specially around late August are desired to provide context data to additional observations obtained by professional telescopes during that period.

BepiColombo closest approach: 15 October, 2020 (03:58 UT, exact time might change)

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