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Asteroid 704-Interamnia Occults TYC 5750-789-1, In Sagittarius.


On 2011 Jul 02 UT, the 357 km diameter asteroid (704) Interamnia occulted a 10.7 mag star in the constellation Sagittarius for observers along a path across Europe, Arabia, India, SE Asia, Philippines.


In the case of this positive observation, made from Ellinogermaniki Agogi Observatory, at Athens, Greece, the combined light of the asteroid and the star dropped by 0.6 mag to 10.3 mag (the magnitude of the asteroid) for 20.510 +/- 0.04sec


Telescope: 40cm Meade LX-200R SCT @ f/3.3

CCD: Watec 902 H2 Ultimate

GPS: Tim-10 Helmut Cuno Video Time Inserter

VIDEO: Sony DCR TRV30E Camcorder

Photometry: LiMovie

Observers: Vagelis Tsamis & Kyriaki Tigani

Reduction: Vagelis Tsamis



Disappearance: UT 20hr 28min 07.712sec +/- 0.02sec

Reappearance: UT 20hr 28min 28.231sec +/- 0.02sec

Duration : 20.510 +/- 0.04sec

Time of mid-event : UT 20hr 28min 17.972sec +/- 0.02sec

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