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Ngc 7635 - Bubble Nebula In Mapped Color


Telescope: APM Astrograph 107, f/6.5 with Baader Steeltrack Focuser and 2.5'' TS FF

Mount: NEQ6 Pro with EQ Mod and XBOX Wireless Controller

Camera: ATIK 314L+

Image Scale: 1.91 arcsec/pixel

Filter: Baader Ha 7nm, OIII 8.5nm, SII 8nm, IDAS LPS

Filter Wheel: Starlight Xpress Motor USB, 7x1.25''

Guide Camera: QHY5 with PHD Guiding and TS UV/IR Block

Guide Scope: Skywatcher Finderscope 8x50

Total Exp. Time: 4 hours & 32 min(Ha: 120 mins, O3, S2: 82,64 min)

Temperature: Ambient (22C), CCD (-3C)

Capture: Nebulosity 2.3.0

Register, Stack: Maxim DL, CCD Stack

Processing: Photoshop CS3

Date: 23 Aug 2011

Location: Tyros, Arcadia, GR



From the album:

Προσωπικό άλμπουμ του/της crusader

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