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Messier Objects

Fred Ley

This is a sample of Messier objects that I took while learning to use the Apogee ccd camera. The image quality is not very good, but it looks better at a small scale. Just thought I'd share them with you all. I placed them in this category as there is a mixture of clusters and galaxies. -Fred

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Υπόλοιπα Deep Sky

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Πολύ όμορφα my friend.

Ίσως θα έπρεπε να κάνουμε όλο τον κατάλογο του Messier σε μία σελίδα με μόνο Μ αντικείμενα.

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Hi Guys,


It would be kind of neat to image all of the M objects. I have a few more that I took but decided not to place them with this grouping in order to keep the same date for when the images were taken.

Dimitri, you should probably have all of the M objects in your database allowing you to create a poster showing all of them.

Manos, have you attempted to take any of the M objects? I can't offhand recall if you do.


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