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Fred Ley

This is an image of some eyepieces that I had originally placed in my personal album, on Astrovox, to share, but it has only had two persons look at it. So, in order to give the image more exposure to everyone, I have placed it here.

Below is a list of what is shown in the photograph.




Bottom Row (l. to r.)

· Galoc 16.3mm

· L. Henzel 16mm Konig

· Brandon 8mm

· Brandon 12mm

· Brandon, 24mm

· Brandon 32mm


Second Row (l. to r.)

· Meade 4mm Ortho

· Celestron 6mm Ortho

· Ortho 5mm

· Meade 12.4mm Wide Angle

· A. Jaegers 32mm

· Brandon 32mm


Third Row (l. to r.)

· University Optics 12.5mm Plossl

· Coulter Optical 12.5mmOrtho

· Celestron 26mm Plossl

· University Optics 24mm Konig

· Meade 20mm Wide Angle

· Edmund 32mm


Fourth Row (l. to r.)

· Tele Vue 24mm Wide Angle

· Tele Vue 19mm Wide Angle

· Tele Vue 40mm Plossl

· Tele Vue 32mm Plossl


Fifth Row (l. to r.)

· Celestron 60mm Kellner

· Parks 60mm Kellner

· Celestron 18mm Ortho

· University Optics 32mm Konig


Sixth Row (l. to r.)

· Meade 32mm Wide Angle

· University Optics 32mm Erfle

· Tele Vue 13mm Nagler

· Tele Vue 4.8mm Nagler

· Tele Vue 4,8mm Nagler


Seventh Row (l. to r.)

· Meade 32mm Super Wide Field

· Tele Vue 55mm Plossl

· Russel Optics 85mm

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