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Dobsonian Tubes

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Hello List,


In 1995 I visited a store in order to get price quotes on tubes that appeared to be suitable for use to hold the optics for a Dobsonian telescope. The name of the tube is "Tubeotec", at least phonetically. In industry, these tubes are used vertically to pour concrete into for building applications. This is similar to the "Sonotubes" many people use here. Has anyone had any experience using this tube? Somehow, I never got around to personally inspecting one of these tubes to examine their sutiability for telescope application. The place that I visited was Xpysanthi Dhm. Kontogeopgh, Leoforos Dhmokpatias 61, Melissia. The phone number that I have, on their business card from 1995, is 803-3410. Their business card says... Eisagoges-Polhseis-Enoikiaseis Oikodomikon Epgaleion. I am certain that there other dealers for the tubes scattered around.


The tubes came in 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40cm diameters. The tubes come in 118" (3 meter) lengths.


In closing, if anyone has any experience with these tubes I would be interested in finding out how well suited they are for a telescope and how heavy they are.


Clear skies,




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