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Spotting scopes.

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I would like your opinion about something.


I'm thinking of buying a low cost short tube or spotting scope for two reasons.


First reason is the ease of use. Not to much stuff to carry and it takes less space.


Second reason is astrophotography. Planetary mostly and some lunar photography but I will also use it for land viewing and land photography - bird watching. I will also use it for comet photography (May 2004).


Anyway, my current telescope is an 8" f/5 F1000mm Sky Watcher Newtonian on an EQ5 mount.


So I'm looking for something smaller than that. If it's possible I will use my current tripod for the smaller scope or my camera's tripod. I'm thinking of an OTA telescope...


So far I have come to three choices:

1. AstroView 120ST OTA

2. Apex 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain

3. Celestron 102mm Wide View


I would appreciate any advise!


Thank you.

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