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Hi to All


I own a LX200 Classic one with a 3.21l keypad.


I had dropped the keypad a few times and the last symptom i had was that i was loosing some letters in the panel. When i removed the telescope from my last observation it fell again.


Iwas power off and i didnt check if something happen to it.

Today i was ready to observe and i made an 5 meter cable for the keypad because i want to use it from my house interior for web camera imaging , and i realized when i power on that the keypad panel freezes on the word Meade and thats it. I can hear the bipss , the lights are going on and off 4,5 times and in the i see only the word Meade. At the same time the initialization of the telescope it seems ok



I was wondering if that happened because of my last drop of the keypad or because of my new cable wire i tried to make. By the way i used a telephone cable with 4 wires and the appropriate adapter for the keypad.


Thank you



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