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Veil Nebula from Mt. Palomar

Fred Ley

Here is a photograph that I would like to share with you all. It was taken with the 48-inch Schmidt telescope at Mt. Palomar years ago. For a period in the 1960's, Sky & Telescope had a center image in their magazine that covered two pages-notice the crease across the center of this image. This image always remained in my thoughts as it shows a considerable amount of detail from the supernova explosion. My original scan is 3439 x 4900 and is a 13.3 MB JPG file. I had to make it somewhat smaller in order to fit it here.

Hope some of you find it to be of interest.




UPDATE- This photograph was in the center of the January 1958 issue of Sky & Telescope and in a 1960's issue as I had indicated.

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Hi Alepohori,


What you perceive to be a spike is simply the crease in the fold of the magazine page (Mention of this is made in my description-probably just a simple oversight on your part). I have an A3 scanner which allows me to scan the two pages at once and the scan that you are loking at is comprised of two pages of Sky & Telescope magazine. -Fred

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