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Athens Sky 1972

Fred Ley

This photographs in itseltf has no major astronomical worthiness, but, what one may find interesting is as to when it was taken. I took this photograph from the roof of our apartment building in 1972 on Vasiilissis Sophias Avenue in Athens. I used a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex camera with a 35mm lens. I do not have any data for the exposure time and must go by memory. Because I did not want any trailing in the photograph, I probably took a 10-20 second exposure. The film was either Kodak Plus-X (125 ASA) or Kodak Tri-x (300 ASA). I have rotated the photograph clockwise 90-degrees in order to have the tv antenna pole in a vertical position so that the horizon is parallel with the bottom of the photograph. Ursa Major is at the top of the image and \"upside-down\". -Fred

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There certainly was light pollution in Athens back, just not as much as we have today. Back then I was in high school and did not spend much on purchasing film for my camera. So, I do not have many photographs to share form then. I just remembered that I do have an Ektachrome slide showing Deneb and Vega that I took from my roof top. It shows many stars. I will try to locate it, scan it, and post it here for others to see.

I noticed that the antenne pole in my photo is not exactly in a vertical position. The photograph needs to be rotated to the right some more. -Fred

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